NFC Championship/Seattle trip


I’m still in shock.  Almost a week later and I still can’t believe it.  I experienced one of the best football games ever played in person.  Honestly this was one of my favorite experiences of my life so far.  I flew in to Seattle to watch this game.  I hadn’t been to a home game in over a decade.  It’s a long trip and away games are easier.  But the atmosphere at the Clink is something I needed to experience.  I’ve been to games in the Kingdome and Qwest, but I wanted to yell with everyone else at the peak of this city’s passion for it’s team.

The atmosphere around the city was amazing.  I live in Alabama, where they go crazy for their college football, but they have nothing on this.  This was unity.  An entire city crazy for this game, hungry for more success.  Everywhere I looked, there were Seahawks colors, flags, logos, lights, and messages.  I really didn’t expect it.  I see maybe 3 Seahawks related items a year down here.  I’m just not used to it, but the Seahawks love made me happier than I ever thought it could.  My first little taste was the stewardess giving a little gohawks! after we landed and during her instructions over the intercom.  I knew I was home when I heard that.

For the last few years I’ve been telling people that the Seattle area didn’t feel like home anymore.  That’s not true, it’ll always be my home.  I miss it more than I ever thought I could.  I am comfortable now in Bama, but that’s as far as I’ll get I think.  I just don’t fit here.  I make it work, but I don’t fit.  When I was at that game, the typical Northwest rain pelting my face, I felt more alive than I ever have.  I had to close my eyes and extend the moment as long as I could.

So, I remember way back when, Packer fans would equal the Seahawks fans in the Kingdome.  This time, I saw a couple hundred green jerseys, that’s it. Walking through the streets of Seattle on the way to the stadium was great.  A blue and green sea of jerseys and hats.  I hadn’t been this excited in years.  And the excitement was growing with every passing step.

The whole walk up to the stadium felt like a dream.  I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I got when I came out of that tunnel and walked down to our seats in the front row! Dream within a dream? I don’t know, but it was spectacular.  The wait for the game to start was agonizing. I was pumped up and ready for action.

….And we played absolutely terrible football for the first 3.5 quarters.  I could not believe it.  My dream turned into a nightmare.  I still screamed and yelled, but I was scared.  I began to lose my voice by the end of the game.  It was worth it though, absolutely.  The noise at this place is no joke.  Bring earplugs. It’s more than just loud noise.  It surrounds you, you can’t get away.  It is absolutely overwhelming.  My ears were getting overloaded and I started hearing a crackling noise.  Just a bit scary there.

We score on a fake field goal in the third, which was awesome.  But we’re still playing bad football.  Down 12 with 5 mins to go and Wilson throws another pick.  My heart sank, I wasn’t sure we could come back from that.  Defense comes out.  Here we go…scream.  I wanted to sit down/quit/give up, but I didn’t.  I yelled as loud as I could for every Seahawks defensive play in the game.  I know better than to give up on this team.  They never give up, I never give up.  What happened next was the most ridiculous series of events that I’ve ever witnessed.  TD, onside kick, TD, 2 pt conversion, Pack FG to tie it up and send it to overtime.  My nerves were fried, I don’t even know if I was comprehending what was happening.  That throw and catch in OT to win the game was just powerful.  I had no more voice to scream with by then.  I was hugging complete strangers, but in that moment, we were best friends.

Yeah, I’ve been in shock over the game since then.  That kind of stuff just doesn’t all happen together with a Super Bowl berth on the line.  I met up with my cousins who also went to the game and went out to eat and drink.  Street hotdog with cream cheese first.  Absolutely amazing btw.  Then on to the Pyramid Alehouse.  Phone died by then, but that food was pretty good.  We had to go to a friend’s house on the way home to watch the game again.  It was just too good.


The next day was busy.  Lunch, coffee, beers.  It was a really fun day and a great night though.  Boom #ostrichkiss.  Flew out on no sleep at 7 am.  Sad.  I needed something to eat, and drink.  I got a bloody mary and biscuits and gravy in LA.  Strangest breakfast I’ve had in a while.  Sweet biscuits and savory gravy. I ate it all.  I was able to sleep on the long flight home, thanks to my awesome Ostrich pillow (look it up).





In all, the trip was amazing.  I had an absolutely awesome time.  Now that I’m back, I’m definitely homesick.  My emotions are swirling, and I’m honestly pretty bummed out about some things that happened and being back in Alabama.  It’s not awesome, but oh well.  Onward.  Super Bowl Time!!! GoHawks!!!


Next up, hummus.  Thanks to an awesome chica on the plane ride to Seattle for sharing her recipe.


Also, a big thanks to my best friend JR.  Thanks again for everything!  See you in July.

(I didn’t bring my big camera on this trip.  I packed light.  My other camera got broken in a cave, so I just had a phone, that dies often.)


4 thoughts on “NFC Championship/Seattle trip

  1. Such a short but epic visit!! You def made it worth while for everyone you had a chance to visit!! Great food and great friends make it all worth it!
    Miss you already! Go Hawks!!!

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