Chattanooga Aquarium and Pizza!


Even though I’ve been through a few times, I’ve never stopped.  I never even really paid attention when I did drive through.  I didn’t even really want to come this time.  I’d heard some good things about Chattanooga, but not good enough it seems.  My mother wanted to take a short little day trip with the family to see the aquarium.  I agreed to go finally and hopped in for the ride.  I looked up a few places for us to eat and settled on a Neapolitan style pizza place.  I haven’t really had many chances to eat it.  Huntsville has a surprising number of cool places and restaurants, but lacks many as well.  We just stopped in for a few hours, but I’ll have to drop back by soon.  Chattanooga is a cool little city from what I saw.

The aquarium was much different than I thought it would be.  I haven’t been to one in years though, so I don’t know what I was expecting.  More interactive?  It was fun though and the little ones had a great time running to each exhibit.  My son had the tendency to want to skip ahead to the next cool thing even before he really saw what was at each location. We stopped for a bit at the “petting” tank though he was too scared to touch anything.  He wanted to so bad, but every time a shark or ray swam up, he’d pull his hand out.  His favorite was the crab viewer.  I guess it’s not limited to kids, but I only saw kids in it.  In the tank where the big crabs were, there is a column in the middle that you can enter and view the tank from the inside.  Looked fun. I didn’t get the butterfly room, but whatever it was interesting.

I’m not sure if it was fatigue or if the ocean side is just much more fun than the river/lake side, but we ran through the second section.  I was ready to eat and Damon was ready to play in the water.  The 15 min walk with wet shorts on my neck wasn’t that awesome, but walking through the city was pretty fun.  Definitely need to see more.

The restaurant was in a nice location.  I came in a side door I guess and it was kind of awkward having to walk through the restaurant to the host stand.  They had a semi open seating area I would have loved to sit at, but our party was too big.  The lighting inside wasn’t very awesome for pictures, but it was nice otherwise.  Damon and I got to the restaurant a little early, so I got him a gelato.  He chose cookies and cream.  I don’t know if they had coffee flavored cookies or just mixed up the flavor, but his gelato tasted like coffee and he didn’t like it.  He made sure to let our server know when she came back.  She brought him a birthday cake flavor instead.  He absolutely loved it.  Without prompting, he told me it was the best ice cream he’d ever had.  It was very awesome.  This place has two styles of dough, New York and Neapolitan.  I had to get the Margherita.  My mother and grandmother got the sweet fig. Both of them were the Neapolitan style and were seriously good.  The fig pizza was one of the better pizzas I’ve eaten.  Prosciutto, olives, fig jam, goat gouda, and gorganzola.  All topped with arugula and olive oil.  Crust was awesome as well, just the right amount of char.  The New York style wasn’t as good in my opinion.  It was greasy and seemed overcooked.  Maybe it was the toppings, but I just didn’t like it.  I’d have to try a plain cheese to really tell though.  Apparently they have a policy that you absolutely need an ID to order alcohol.  No matter how old you are.  My mother might not like this place so much for that reason.  She forgot her ID in the car and they wouldn’t give her a beer no matter what.  It was pretty funny that both of her sons were able to enjoy a nice beer, but not her.  Beer selection could have been better though.  Not really anything local, besides the larger craft brewers.  Pretty awesome place overall though.

I had a great time and I’ll definitely be back.  I need to travel around a bit more, I just forget to sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Chattanooga Aquarium and Pizza!

  1. I couldn’t have picked a better day to read this. Chattanooga is where my soon to be ex and I went on our first and second honeymoon. I was thinking he may have ruined what was once one of my favorite little cities to escape to. You today reminded me of my love for this little town. Thank you.

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